Thursday, July 28, 2011

700 Likes Contest!

First Of I want to start by saying thank you to each every single fan! You guys make me feel very very special! And to thank you I am holding my Second contest!

What is the theme????
Paint! Splashed paint,dripping paint be creative!!!!!! Surprise me!
Here's a look I found on google paint inspired...

This time around I have some amazing Sponsors!!!

1. Pampered Xombie Cosmetics

2. My Beauty Addiction

3. Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty

4. Buena Vida

If you would like to be a sponsor please email me at


1. Must be a like My Fan Page

2. Must like all the sponsors fan page.

3. Must tag me and all the sponsors in a post to prove you have liked all pages.

4. Must have a dripping or splatter paint effect in the make up look.

5. Must be original!!! ( My name "Yeddifer" Must physically be written in your hand or piece of paper )

6. Up 2 entries per person

7. Make up must be done on yourself.

Please email me your entry at

This contest is only open nationally.&& Will only be open until September 4,2011 11:59 PM.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

350 Fans Contest!

Villains! Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The theme is VILLAINS. Create a look inspired by any villain in the picture above. Be as creative as you can the more creative the more brownie points you will get! =]  How creative you can get hmmmm

Here is my Ursula inspired look!=]


Mehron Paradise palette in  basic.

Molding wax,spirit-gum, rigid collindion.

and a few surprise prizes.


1. Must be a fan on facebook and blogspot follower.

2. Must have 2 pictures of look. The picture must show my name "Yeddifer" some where in the picture physically written in not typed into the picture. And which villain you choose for your inspired look.

3. 1 entry per person

4. Open only in the united states =] ( Next contest might be international )

5. Post the contest on your facebook to spread the word with your friends.

Great contest huh! If you win you can create your own amazing editorial looks =]

Best of luck xoxo!

 The picture that receives the most likes will win a suprise goodie bag! Filled with amazing cosmetics. Also bought by me! =]

Contest ends July 10th 2011 11:59 pm!
(Date extented because of request of many fans)

PLEASE NOTE!!! All the prizes are being bought with my own money no sponsors are part of this contest.
But if you want to be sponsor send me a message =]

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facebook Contest!

Hey Gorgeous!

How are you?
There are soo many conest going on on FB! Everyone should check them out! =] I Entered Lila Skittlezz contest yester its a hello kitty inspired make up contest. Here is my look.
Hope you guys like it! =]

And today I will be joining  Suicide By Make-Up or Beauty by Charlie . Either way ill be joining both just entering one today.

Stay tune! xoxo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zosimos Botanicals Tropical Smokey Eye!

Hello Gorgeous!

Today I have a Tropical smokey eye color using " Zosimos Botanicals" If you have yet to have heard of "Zosimos Botanicals" I have been reviewing their products for about 3 weeks now. I must honestly say I love their product. The pigments are phenomenal. Very true to their color. I do use the pigments with a base as usual either UDPP or NYX Jumbo Pencil in "MILK". And not only are their products amazing they are made as you order and are vegan! Click the link to learn more about them. And if you order tell them I sent you. Zosimos Botanicals . All products used in this looks are Zosimos Botanicals unless mentioned otherwise.

Start with a clean bare eye.

Apply a base to help pigments last all day. I first applied UDPP then NYX JUMBO PENCIL " MILK "

Apply the color "Avocado" in the center of your lid. With a tapered brush. I used MAC 239 Brush.

Apply the color "Colbalt" to the inner and outer edges of your lid. With a tapered brush. I used MAC 239 Brush

Blend out the color "Colbalt" in to the crease using a blending brush. I used MAC 222 Brush. 

Apply the color "Aquamarine" in the crease on top of "Colbalt" To help with the transition of the color. Using a more dense brush. I used MAC 217 Brush.

Apply the color "Larkspur" In the the outer corner for some depth. Using a blending brush. I used MAC 217 Brush. As well as bottom lash line using a pencil brush. I used MAC 219 Brush. This will give it a more smokey effect.

The Final Look. Simply apply some liquid liner to the upper lash line, Apply some gel liner to the water, Apply Mascara. And to really make it pop some False lashes. Everything is to your choice.

This would be the lip color I would use with this look. I hope you guys find this helpful. And if you do try it out take a picture and post it on my Facebook Fan Page.

Zosimos Botanicals did send me this products for free for review. Everything said above is my honest opinion.

Stay beautiful. XoXo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!

Hello Beauty!

So here are the giveaway rules!

1. Must be a facebook fan

2. Must be a blogspot follower if you have Blogspot

3. Must post a comment on my facebook page telling me why you like my page. And what else would you like to see.

4. Post the link to my facebook fan page to share with your friends.Facebook Fan Page.

*** I will be checking to make sure this was all done! =] The rules are simple...

When I reach 350 Fans I will hold an actual contest witha theme. And have a few sponsors.

What will I be giving away????

$35.00 Sephora gift card.

That way you buy what you like. The winner must then post what they purchased with the gift card.

Hope you all join the simplest give away ever.

What would I buy with a $35.00 Sephora Give away hmmm...

Give away will end June 15 2011.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Henna tattoos!?

So i recently started searching and looking up henna designs! And decided to try it out! So I bought 2 packs of henna at my local Indian store already packaged for henna tattoos. May I say I am in love! It's such a fun product to use! And you can have a tattoo for 3 weeks and switch it up when your it's gone! I'll post pics tomorrow I am on my phone now! Just wanted to upate you! Xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ready to get this on the road!

What's above!? My logo!

What to expect from now on out? Make looks...Make up reviews... Make up tips and tricks! I hope you guys enjoy! any request? comment below! xoxo! Expect looks starting tomorrow...