Sunday, June 5, 2011

350 Fans Contest!

Villains! Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The theme is VILLAINS. Create a look inspired by any villain in the picture above. Be as creative as you can the more creative the more brownie points you will get! =]  How creative you can get hmmmm

Here is my Ursula inspired look!=]


Mehron Paradise palette in  basic.

Molding wax,spirit-gum, rigid collindion.

and a few surprise prizes.


1. Must be a fan on facebook and blogspot follower.

2. Must have 2 pictures of look. The picture must show my name "Yeddifer" some where in the picture physically written in not typed into the picture. And which villain you choose for your inspired look.

3. 1 entry per person

4. Open only in the united states =] ( Next contest might be international )

5. Post the contest on your facebook to spread the word with your friends.

Great contest huh! If you win you can create your own amazing editorial looks =]

Best of luck xoxo!

 The picture that receives the most likes will win a suprise goodie bag! Filled with amazing cosmetics. Also bought by me! =]

Contest ends July 10th 2011 11:59 pm!
(Date extented because of request of many fans)

PLEASE NOTE!!! All the prizes are being bought with my own money no sponsors are part of this contest.
But if you want to be sponsor send me a message =]